Portraits & character

I had a great time taking portraits of the residents at Kin On Health Care Center at a Mother's Day and Father's Day event recently. The seniors have such wonderful faces - full of character and resonating with life experiences. 

Good lighting is key in this kind of portrait situation, but good lighting doesn't have to be complex. The set-up here was pretty straightforward - two soft boxes and a painted canvas backdrop. A medium soft box, high to the right,  illuminates the faces. A second extra small soft box gives a touch of light to the background. I like to use hot lights - they are great for seeing exactly where the light falls and wonderful for portraits.

A solid tripod with a ball head gives me a steady platform and the ability to adjust quickly to each sitter's height.

A big thank you to Kin On's Heidi Wong, David Tsang, Mary Wong (my sister) and many other staffers for arranging and assisting with the event and photo shoot.

Looking over these portraits gives me hope that we might all age as gracefully!