Still Life & lessons in collaboration

That sake life photograph that ran in Pacific Northwest Magazine is a reminder that it takes a team to produce great work.

When I was staff photographer at the Seattle Times, I remember marveling how a huge newsroom of nearly 400 photographers, reporters, editors, artists and designers could put out a great newspaper every day on deadline and have fun doing it. When I walked in the door each morning, I had no idea who I might team up with that day or whether we might be covering a city hall meeting or getting on a helicopter to cover an erupting volcano. It was daily ballet of sorts with each person playing their role with energy, skill and poise. 

Communication, collaboration and and a healthy respect for what each person brought to the project were key to producing those great news packages. 

Speaking of great team work: kudos to Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine Art Director Carol Nakagawa for the inspired page design on this sake package, reporter Nancy Leson for the wonderful writing and editors Kathy Andrisevic and Kathy Triesch for overseeing the project.